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John McAfee predicts a 95% increase in crypto market value before 2020. And his is just one of many similar predictions. Indeed, this is the best time to lay the foundation for the growth of your crypto portfolio. And you need the best tools for that. That is what Bitcoin Aussie System gives you.

Your financial freedom is here. We bring you a crypto trading system that is designed for investors like you. It gives you a 99% trading accuracy, protects your investments and gives you huge returns.


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Tony Jones

Queensland, Australia

"I am old school. While I try to keep up with technology, I like it when there is an easier way to deal with it. For years I have seen people around and on the Internet go crazy about cryptocurrencies. One time I tried to acquaint myself, but it seemed to me to be something very complicated. I kept away for a little while. Recently I decided to give it another try, and roaming the Internet, I stumbled upon this trading system. After testing the software, which is all free, I put in a little money. Let me say I am happy!"

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Jack Smith

Sydney, Australia

“I have struggled in my life. And one of the biggest hurdles that I have crossed is paying up a huge debt I had accumulated over the years. I managed to do this thanks to this software. After paying the last dollar of my debt, I set my eyes on the home of my dreams. I am almost done paying for it. I would say this software changed my life and that of my family. This software is the best onramp to the Bitcoin bandwagon!”

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Lea Fullido

Melbourne, Australia

"Can you imagine making $11,492.37 a month? If someone told me that I could do a few months ago, I wouldn't have believed them. My life is different now. I can provide for my family, and more importantly, I have more time with them. All thanks to this software!"


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone use the Bitcoin Aussie System? +

Yes, anyone can use the Bitcoin Aussie System. The app has been designed for even new traders, which means even if you have never traded online before and if you have no prior experience, you can now trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies profitably. One of the improvements made to the Bitcoin Aussie System version are the customization features. That is, you will easily be able to set up your trading parameters in the software, even if you do not understand online trading. The latest version has been developed so that anyone can use it and that includes YOU. If you are an experienced trader, Bitcoin Aussie System is also for you. You can use this app to test your trading analysis and strategies and in this way, you will improve your accuracy in the trading markets as well as your profitability. You can also easily switch between automated and manual modes at any time, putting you in full control of you trading activities

Why is the Bitcoin Aussie software automated? +

If you have ever traded online before, you understand that every second counts. That is, if you hesitate or wait too long, you could enter a trade at the wrong asset price. Every second counts when it comes to trading and the Bitcoin Aussie System software will not hesitate when it comes time to open or close a trade. It executes trades with impressive accuracy and speed, ensuring the trades are made at the right price and time, every time. Another important reason why automated trading is so successful is the fact that it eliminates all emotions. That is, when a trader is losing money while they are trading, they might start trading recklessly and throwing more money at a bad trade. The end result will just be increased loss. In addition, some traders exit trades too early as a result of fear and this could reduce their profit potential substantially. With the Bitcoin Aussie System software, this can never happen. The software operates on pure statistics and it will never trade based on emotion. Once the software finds a trading opportunity that matches the set trading parameters, it will enter or exit a trade accordingly. Another big benefit of the Bitcoin Aussie System app is that if you do not want to use it on automated mode, you also have the ability to set it to manual mode, putting you in full control of your trading activities.

What kind of results can I expect from the Bitcoin Aussie System? +

The users of the Bitcoin Aussie System software are enjoying returns of over $1,500 every day and some are making even more. The fact is, the profit potential is limitless and it is also influenced by how much trading capital you have available as well as how many trading opportunities are available in the markets. The sky’s the limit with the upgraded Bitcoin Aussie System.

Are there any fees? +

The Bitcoin Aussie System software is available free of charge. In addition, there are no hidden fees or commissions. The money that you deposit is yours and you can withdraw it, together with your profits at any time, hassle-free.

What is Bitcoin? +

In 2009, Bitcoin was introduced to the financial markets. Bitcoin is often described as a digital currency, a cryptocurrency, or a virtual currency and in essence, is a type of money that is completely virtual. Each Bitcoin is basically a computer file which is then stored in a 'digital wallet' which can be on your computer or on an app on a smartphone. In order to transact with Bitcoins, people can send these digital coins, or part of them, to your digital wallet, and you can then send Bitcoins to other people. All these transactions are recorded in a public list, which is called the blockchain. If you want to understand how popular Bitcoins are in the markets, let’s take a look at how its value has changed. When it was first released, each coin was only valued at under $1. By March 2014, you could purchase a Bitcoin for $700 and by December 2017, one Bitcoin was worth almost $20,000. The volatility and value of Bitcoin is evident and you have probably read many stories about people who have become millionaires by investing in this popular cryptocurrency. The good news is that you too can now invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and make a lot of money. With the Bitcoin Aussie System software, you do not even need to have any online trading experience. In addition, you are not buying and selling Bitcoin from an exchange. Instead, you are trading Bitcoin CFDs (contracts for differences) which allows you to simply speculate on the price of Bitcoin without even owning them. This means that you can make money even when the price of Bitcoin is moving up or down.

How much does the Aussie Bitcoin System cost? +

Bitcoin Aussie System does not cost anything. It is available free of charge and there are no hidden costs, fees or commissions. To get in on the trading action, you simply need to sign up and activate your account. To do this, simply complete the short registration form that can be found at the top of this page. Provide the required information and once you have submitted it, your Bitcoin Aussie System account will be activated. You will then need to fund your account so that there is trading capital available for the Bitcoin Aussie System app to make trades in your trading account. You will need to make a minimum deposit of $250 and it is important to remember that this money is 100% YOURS. That is, you can withdraw your money and your profits at any time, hassle-free.

How many hours do I need to work every day? +

One of the many benefits of the Bitcoin Aussie System is that it will do all the analysis of the markets for you, which means you will not need to spend hours in front of your computer trying to find a trading opportunity. In order for the software to trade based on your preferences, you will need to spend a few minutes every day inputting and setting up your trading parameters. The customization of the trading parameters has been improved in the latest Bitcoin Aussie System version, which means that this software can be customized based on your trading preferences. That is, you can select which assets or cryptocurrencies you want the software to trade, how much you want to invest per trade, what risk level you want the software to trade at, which strategies you want it to use and much more. While the Bitcoin Aussie System software has been designed to do all the work for you, the added benefit is that it will trade based on your specific parameters as well. So, the fact is, with only a few minutes of your time each day, you too can profit from the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin markets

What is the maximum amount that I can make? +

When it comes to trading online, the profit potential is limitless. That is, it will all depend on the available trading capital as well as other factors, such as the liquidity and volatility in the markets. With Bitcoin Aussie System, the profits are also limitless and the added benefit is that the algorithm of the software is able to find and trade potentially profitable trading opportunities automatically. We have seen some of our members become millionaires in only 58 days so if you are serious about making real money, the time to sign up for the upgraded and updated Bitcoin Aussie System is now.


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